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Wheel of Destiny Also Featured in New and Noteworthy in Itunes!

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Just Released 1/18/2011

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Wheel of Destiny

Are You Ready To Take the Hero’s Journey?


 Wheel of Destiny Featured in New and Noteworthy on Itunes!

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Dreaming is a hero’s journey of self-discovery. Like the hero of our ancient myths, the cryptic clues observed in dreams reveal who you are and the pathway ahead. Those who heed the call for continual growth are awarded the treasures of increased clarity and purpose. If you love our Way of Dreams Interpretation Tool, this app is a must have companion.

Wheel of Destiny combines the principles of dream analysis and mythical themes to offer a tool for problem solving, intuitive guidance and spiritual insight. Choose from a Daily Archetype reading, a Past, Present and Future reading, or simply delve into the timeless wisdom of 48 ancient deities who can inspire you to achieve your fullest potential.

Drawn from the inspirational beliefs of virtually every culture around the world, explore your path, current challenges, and how to transform a mundane existence into the greatest adventure of your life.

Features include:
-- The story behind mythical heroes, their symbolism and how it relates to self awareness
-- Six questions to be answered so guidance can be applied in a personal way
-- How Trickster themes overturn self limiting ideas by jarring the status quo
-- How Shadow themes reveal nightmares to be a sign of awakening to one’s potential
-- Past, Present and Future placements offer added insight and direction
-- How the constellations influenced our early beliefs and what the sky reveals today

Wheel of Destiny is brought to you Kismetech, developers of the popular Way of Dreams - Interpretation Tool and Dream Dictionary, often featured in the top 50 Lifestyle apps and written by dream analyst and radio personality, Kari Hohne. Wheel of Destiny is an excellent companion tool to apply dream guidance to the pathway and is based on her book: The Mythology of Sleep: The Waking Power of Dreams. Other apps by this developer include Inspired Natural Wisdom, an app that explores nature’s way of success, featured in New and Noteworthy upon release.

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