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Announcing Way of Dreams for Kindle!

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Wheel of Destiny Also Featured in New and Noteworthy in Itunes!

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Nature Inspired Apps Featured in New and Noteworthy at Itunes

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Just Released 1/18/2011

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Kismetech App Rankings

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Way of Dreams is a bestselling app at Amazon


 Kismetech makers of top Lifestyle Apps in Itunes


Wheel of Destiny by Kismetech featured in What's Hot US Australia July 2011


popular dream interpretation app top 100 itunes Way of Dreams

popular lifestyle app wheel of destiny top 100

popular lifestyle app Inspired Natural Wisdom

Magazine Featuring Kismetech


Wheel of Destiny Featured in New and Noteworthy on Itunes!


Wheel of Destiny for iphone and ipad Featured in New and Noteworthy at Itunes


kismetech apps featured on a app stat chart and show high rankings


Inspired Natural Wisdom Featured in New and Noteworthy  ITUNES


Inspired Natural Wisdom featured in new and noteworth on itunes


 Inspired Featured  What's Hot  at Itunes


way of dreams interpretation tool and dream dictionary is what's hot at Itunes


Affirmations Inspired by Nature Featured in New and Noteworthy


New and Noteworthy iphone apps google news 


Way of Dreams Interpretation Tool and Dream Dictionary

Featured What's Hot at Itunes


Way of Dreams Interpretation tool and Dream Dictionary is What's Hot at Itunes