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Get Tribal Music

radio god get tribal


Ancient Rhythms ~ Modern Beats ~ Soulful & Invigorating


RADIO GOD / Spiritually Invigorating/Sexy Chill

"While there are many new age and world music albums, few combine the earthy percussive and world instrumental elements with the ambient atmosphere, and healing intent of new age music. "Radio God" is an alchemical blend of diverse rhythms and uplifting grooves, exploring a fusion of sound that is sensual, soul invigorating, and sure to get you moving. I think what impresses me the most about the motivation of Get Tribal is it’s inclusiveness and the idea of crossing boundaries." Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

Our inspiration: What if all sound waves traveled into space and returned woven together in spiritually uplifting ways? What would the fusion of music without perspective of time, place or genre sound like? And just as yoga has a way of placing the body in submission to the spirit, what if we used shamanic and Kirtan style drumming to place the body in obedient alignment, while musically allowing Spirit to dance?  Read More

god of drum by get tribal


Awaken Kundalini ~ World Drums


God of Drum is a collection of percussion based tribal music inspired by the thunder deities of world mythology. Ancient cultures revered thunder as the divine element that activated spring’s rebirth. Using drums, they synchronized the heart, mind and soul with the vital life force. Its circular shape offers a mandala connecting the world of spirit to the vibration of intention. Through the pounding of the drum, the heart awakens to its vitality allowing us to achieve higher states of awareness. The ten tracks in this album are designed to stimulate the 7 major Chakras, the Dantien, the Soul Star and Spirit Chakras.

Each track is associated with a chakra or energy center:

Track One: WAKINYAN, AMERICAN INDIAN – Call of Abundance
Root Chakra –To Secure and Ground

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine where the kundalini ‘snake’ is coiled. It governs our sense of survival, self preservation and security. Wakinyan, the Thunder Bird of the Lakota is one of the many Feathered Serpents found in indigenous cultures. Wakinyan is composed to awaken fiery kundalini energy with drumming and chants that will ground and stimulate the opening of the root chakra.

Track Two: LOUCETIOUS, GAELIC – Passion Rising
Sacral Chakra – To Transform Anger and Awaken Passion

The sacral chakra is located in the lower part of the abdomen in between the navel and genitals. Viewed as the vortex of change or where we hold emotion, stimulating this chakra separates emotion from its lower expression of fear-based anger. Once released, the energy can transcend as the sensation of pleasure. Inspired by Loucetious, the thunder deity of the Gaelic region this composition startles us into recognizing our buried passions.

Track Three: LEI SHAN, CHINA – Sea of Qi
Dantien – To Release Blockages

The dantien is the area located just beneath the navel, holding the center of gravity in the body. It is the reservoir of qi or our vital life force. Stimulating the power of this center releases dormant energy associated with inflammation and blockages. It is an important focal point or elixir field for qigong, martial arts and Chinese medicine because when we are centered in this power, we have more energy and are not reactive.

Track Four: DONNAR, NORSE – Awakening Power
Solar Plexus Chakra – To Activate Power

The solar plexus chakra is located just above the navel in an area that the ancient Chinese call the heart/mind. Here intention and passion are intertwined with the will, as the pure expression of a power that cannot be threatened. The Nordic thunder deity Donnar inspires this composition to stimulate will power. It balances how we often compensate for our misgivings by exercising too much or too little power.

Track Five: TARANIS, CELTIC – A Call to Heal
Heart Chakra – To Center in Wellness

The heart chakra is located in the chest and is related to the endocrine system which activates cellular communication and growth. Stress is the mental trigger that can lead to physical debilitation. We often find that it takes time for the whole story to arrive and the Heart Chakra is strengthened through compassion and patience. Taranis is a harmonic Celtic composition where the heart is supported with rounds of harmonic flute and strings.

Track Six: XANGO, AFRO-CARRIBBEAN – The Flow of Expression
Throat Chakra – To Ask and Receive

The throat chakra is the center where sound and vibration become the communication of intention. In the same way, mantras allow us to use intention to orchestrate our expression and ultimate manifestation. Xango, the thunder deity of the Afro Carribbean region inspires this composition where chanting ‘nam-myoho-renge-kyo’ is a way of polishing the mirror of the mind. When we can see the world as it is – not as we would like it to be – we discover the joy of unimpeded expression.

Track Seven: ADAD, BABYLON – Open to Wonder
Brow Chakra – To Achieve Intuitive Clarity

The brow chakra, often called the third eye is located between the eyebrows. It is associated with the pineal gland which is believed to be the seat of our intuitive awareness. Acting as the gate that separates consciousness from the same unconscious and intuitive awareness that guides our dreams. When we release judgment and open to wonder, intuition becomes active. Adad the storm deity of Mesopotamia inspires this composition with subtle changes in rhythm designed to unseat expectation so we can open once again to wonder.

Track Eight: TESHUB, ANATOLIA – Transcending Boundaries
Crown Chakra – To Achieve Enlightenment

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head and like the western idea of a halo, it is associated with a white circle of light. When kundalini energy enters the crown chakra as Shakti, it ‘marries’ with Shiva. The mind is able to achieve the clarity of merging with what is observed to see the mysterious flow of synchronicity. Teshub the Anatolian thunder deity inspires a blending where east meets west and our sense of boundaries are released.

Track Nine: CHAAC, MAYA – Aligning With Purpose
Soul Star Chakra – To Align with the Soul’s Path

The soul star chakra is located above the head and is one of the transpersonal chakras. It regulates our connection to a sense of purpose and helps us to assimilate the wisdom of what might be called the Higher Self or purveyor of dreams. Stimulating this chakra clears us of the trauma we bring into life by allowing us to see the past and present reborn from the soul’s perspective. The patterns of drumming in Chaac, the thunder deity of the Mayas inspires our awareness of how our patterns of thought become manifestation.

Track Ten: INDRA, INDIA – Endless Reflection
Spirit Chakra – To Transcend

The spirit chakra resides in the heart of the universe, outside of time and space. Inspired by Indra the thunder deity of India, this composition captures Indra’s elaborate net of jewels, where each offers a perfect reflection of all others. In each reflection more reflections shine in an endless holographic image of infinity. 'Om' is the sound of the universe and 'shanti' means peace. This mantra is sung not only to bring peace and well being to ourselves, but also to all who we share a special connection.